We make the boldest ideas into reality

A 3D animation format leaves a lot of liberty to create – for both you and us. Together, we can create the most abstract concepts, and our 3D graphic designers and animators will bring them to life. 3D animation offers essentially endless possibilities of presenting products and processes. Thanks to them, we can peek inside an operating machine; it’s also a popular technique of creating animated children films and special effects in professional motion picture productions.
Conceptions depicting product creation in a manner different from real life provide a glorious opportunity to let your imaginative self go. Just like in the case of a holiday ad for Adal where we designed a snowy world with a magical factory and fays. 3D animation proves itself in more standard productions as well, such as the feature film for Skanska presenting the newest Nowy Targ project in Wrocław. Here, a high level of realism was crucial. The objective of the film was presenting every amenity and solution applied in the building in the most appealing way possible in order to attract the attention of potential lessees. 
We develop concepts from square one. We also cooperate with our clients, sharing our knowledge and skills. We never lose sight of the objective. We not only oversee the visual part of the animation; we also make sure that it fulfils its key function –  advertising, informing, or explaining. All this makes our 3D animations a powerful marketing tool.

Exemplary work

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