Usually, Christmas is associated with family gatherings, carols and gifts. For us, however, it brings to mind… Holiday commercials. Some of them have become a pop culture symbol — like the Coca-Cola ad with the Christmas truck. It is hard to imagine the holiday season television without it.

Christmas commercial — a traditional ad video or maybe a 3D animation?
In both cases, the essential element is the story. It is meant to intrigue viewers and catch their attention, in any form. In the spot for Adal company, an artificial Christmas tree manufacturer, the story was straightforward: we showed the process from placing an order to the moment when the tree arrives at a particular family’s house. It was not, however, as simple as that, for we transported the viewers to a magical land! There, hard-working little creatures made sure that each tree was one of a kind. The result was an emotional and visually stunning story.

Holiday edition of employer branding
Let us step out of the box when wishing our employees Happy Christmas. Both external and internal communications are crucial in creating an employer brand. In the case of the former, we want to appear as creative, in the latter — emphasise good relations in the team.
In the pre-holiday time, we had the pleasure of making a surprise video for the employees of Dunning, Kruger & Associates. We accompanied Christmas elves from DK&A, who, in secret from their co-workers, spent 300 hours designing, assembling and reassembling 47 figurines, simultaneously creating custom packaging and instructions for each mini co-worker.

Christmas video can take on many forms and fulfil different objectives, but it is worth investing in this kind of promotion. We can often step out of the box of conventional communication and, as a result, strengthen the brand’s tone of voice.