There is an increasing number of real estate investments. As a consequence, the level of competition is escalating. These are not just simple buildings, as they often possess their own visual identification — they become something of a sub-brand geared towards a specific recipient. That is precisely why we should consider including a commercial video in the process of building their recognition.

How to use a commercial video in real estate investment promotion?
A video is still an unconventional way of supplementing a marketing campaign. It should not replace standard marketing materials, such as a catalogue or website, where we can find all vital details. A commercial spot has a wholly different role — it strengthens the quintessence of the investment and illustrates its atmosphere. It can point out its characteristics and crucial features. It is essential not to make the spot too long. It should be like a good film trailer — after watching it, we want to see more.

A commercial spot will do great in social media marketing, as well as at events promoting new investments. That was the case in our commercial video for Skanska Nowy Targ in Wrocław. We were responsible for a complex promotion — from printed materials, through the fencing of the construction site, to the commercial spot. The spot was a major point of the promotion. It emphasised the most important features of the investment, such as building without barriers, energy efficiency, and great location.

The Nowy Targ investment was finished in September 2019, but already in June, the office space had been rented in 100%. In no small part, it was the location of the building and the company’s renown that made this success possible. Still, we cannot forget about the role of marketing — promotional strategy and marketing materials, including the commercial spot.