Developing a brand idea based on insights.

What will the product change? What will it influence and how? These should be defined right at the beginning.
How a reliable analysis of facts develops a product as an answer to the market situation and consumer needs – explained on the example of SmartBee Club.

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Insight is a term that became a starting point for many communication campaigns in the marketing and PR industries. What it is and why is it so crucial for a brand definition?
In communication, the word insight means to delve into a given issue or to diagnose what motivates to action; the complete opposite as well: what is the problem that troubles the target audience? During the development of SmartBee Club strategy — an entirely new brand on the market — it was the analysis of insights that allowed the definition of unique characteristics of the product and the placement of the brand right in an undeveloped market niche of educational toys.

Occasionally, amidst many undeniable assets of the product, less apparent qualities can be found. Ones that can become a wholly new value in communication for a customer. For example, SmartBee Club, unlike its competition, offers ways to supplement the experiments with knowledge in a user-friendly form. It is an instance of value that can be a decisive factor where differences in the level of functionality between individual products or services are blurring.

What else can be influenced by proper brand positioning? To encourage also busy consumers who care about their family but have minimal time for them, we created their vision of themselves. It let us decide that one of the essential qualities of the product is offering it as a tool for busy parents to help them spend some quality time with their child.

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If the brand responds to the consumer’s needs, is accessible in terms of pricing, and, additionally, convinces them on the level of communication, it will — most likely — gain a regular consumer. That is why the design process should start with thorough research to understand the target audience as well as possible.