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A popular and sizeable format. As products become more and more similar to each other, brand identity and the experience that it offers become crucial. People don’t simply buy products alone but also the whole narrative accompanying them. Image films help reinforce and shape them accordingly. It’s these films that work for your recognizability and distinguish you from your competition. They build brand history and strengthen your clients’ engagement. It’s thanks to them that objects are accompanied by distinct impressions and emotions. An image film is a tool that changes faceless companies and products into recognizable brands.
From lofty tales to simple stories – an image film has many faces. We have realized a corporate film in one of the most strictly guarded places in Poland – a modern data centre, Beyond.pl. Impressive and monumental from start to finish, from visuals to sound. Image film for a softball team, on the other hand, is a tale of love for sports and passion shared in a team of women. The means of expression reinforce agency of heroines who are warriors both on the field and in everyday life.
The key to a successful production is always similar: an adequate language for a given story must be found. Only then, does a story become believable, and the film has a chance of achieving the objective.
Our image campaigns contain diverse conventions and styles, from light-hearted impressions to summaries of hard facts and numbers. They can be applied to products and companies but also to a regional promotion, ideas, or grassroots initiatives. They are an irreplaceable tool for acquiring investors. Not only do they create corporate identity; they can also modify or reinforce it. We will devise a unique scenario and produce a film that will become your business card for many years to come.

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