Animation and modelling are, at all times, the core of our work. However, the creative industry at the moment is going through a re-evaluation, evolving and seeking new solutions. Still, the digital world is stable. We work the same way but in a different system: we moved to our home offices, where we tackle new projects to keep supporting brands.

So why 3D animation will become so significant and what is its advantage?

We take care of each individual pixel during the production. We control it, and the detail correction here is much more straightforward than in the version with living beings. Film sets are impossible now, so we moved the action to the world of digital. We also apply never before used or ready materials that accelerate our work and inspire new ideas. It’s an excellent creativity training. We have at our disposal a whole base of ready materials from online libraries, millions of photos and pieces of music, even unused shots from our earlier projects. And 3D technology makes us rulers of creation — we can draw from this well endlessly.

We can create the animation itself in different ways:

Brand hero

Just like with SmartBee, we create a character that will present the brand’s values and show its personality.

Product film

We will move each product to a new dimension. 3D modelling focuses all the attention on it.


TV spot

We polish the production to perfection, having power over every pixel.

We await new challenges. In the meantime, we go back to animating in our home offices!