When the smoke clears

Smoke can have various forms. Sometimes it is dark and mysterious, and sometimes it drifts in angelic clouds. The trick is to tame it and make it play on our terms.

Why would we do that? To stimulate viewers’ imagination in the latest LendOn commercial. A TV spot about a loan that satisfies every whim was broadcast on Danish television and drew many oohs and aahs.

The smoke suggests a wonderland where you can find all the things you desire, and for this reason it was particularly important to be realistic and, at the same, present the elements that should be seen. The smoke disperses on stage and shows that the dreams about a designer bicycle can come true in just a few moments.

The greatest challenge was to obtain the right smoke density. The effect had to be stunning! The turbulence, movements, transparency and diffusion resulted in several different editing versions. The biggest fun was to use Phoenix FD for dozens of various simulations with different parameters. For the shots near the floor we have created a spreading cigarette smoke. Its production took us about two weeks.

We have managed to stand up to the task. And when the smoke cleared, the effects were terrific!

ClientLendon.dkAgencyOMI Media HouseYear2019ServicesProduction, postproduction

The real challenge was to obtain the right proportions between the density and velocity of the smoke – these features are uncontrollable in the real world.