A three-spot campaign

As an advertising agency we were responsible (in cooperation with the client’s marketing department) for the launch of the brand in the ATL media, the digital and throughout the remaining communication channels. Our aim was to develop a capacious communication format, which would allow us to easily adapt it to different carriers and – most of all – was close to home for the consumers. As far as the impact was concerned, it was supposed to build the demand and engage the recipient emotionally. Our partners at FIBARO proposed that we use basic emotions as the key, which then became the core of the campaign’s communication. Next, we developed creations, which together formed a format filled with closeness and authenticity in relations. In addition to the creative work, we were also responsible for the production process behind the spots and the development of some of the other visual materials.

See the descriptions of the spots:
Welcome home, Tea time, Guys’ night in.

ClientFIBAR GroupAgencyOMI Media HouseLink2017ServicesCreation, direction, video production, video postproduction, Key Visual, POS