Aerial revolution

Flaris is a unique realisation that takes us into the future where in the garage, instead of a car, an aircraft is waiting for us.

Metalmaster is a company from an inconspicuous Podgórzyn, where a small jet — exceptional on a global scale — is produced. It popularises fast transport and will become an affordable alternative to luxury private jets. Thanks to our assistance, the product is ready to see the daylight.

We are with Flaris right from the start. We have walked together through every stage of the development process that took over ten years — from prototypes, through interior design, to selling the finished product. We have equipped the brand with the highest quality materials that are the primary communication elements.

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The adventure began in 2012 when renders of prototypes were used in promotional materials. They were the first to introduce Flaris to the world. Next, we moved to the renders of the skin, where we presented different colour variants designed by

flaris prototyp

We wanted Flaris to feel closer to people and be shown not only on renders. That is when the product photoshoot was made. The shots present advanced technology, design, the production process itself but also the fact that the human is still the most important here, despite the prevailing spirit of modernity.

flaris historia zdjęcia

The materials are used in the press as well as on the Internet. Additionally, based on the photoshoots, we have created a slideshow presented at the Paris trade fair. When the aircraft was ready for first test flights, we have recorded its first lift-off.

flaris airplane 2

We have summarised our work by creating a website. It is tailored to an overwhelming interest: buyers, media, as well as the brand’s followers.

Flaris webdesign eng