Air cleaning experts

We like to cooperate with other production houses. It means working with specialists who provide concrete and fantastically coordinated feedback. In our next production for Juice studio, we worked on an air cleaner. An explainer video was launched in the American and Asian markets, and we took care of post-production so that the video could see the light of day.

ClientJuiceAgencyOMI Media HouseYear2020Servicespostproduction


Powered by nature

Betterair’s enviro-biotics are dispersed throughout your home creating a protective shield that purifies and protects your indoor air, objects and surfaces from the harmful pollutants that make you sick and compromise your immune system. Betterair is proactive, eliminating harmful pathogens & allergens from your indoor environment while preventing them from resettling.

Project stages


Blossoming streets

Stock materials provide massive possibilities, even in video format. In the street scene, the task was to remove the plants and then add them again in 3D, to display the animation of their growth.


The flight of the dust particle

We placed the dust particles in an air vent. A ventilation grate — on which we deposited the particles — was reconstructed in 3D, based on the film grid. We added the flying particles in the post-production.


Post-production magic

Even though we see twins in the video, only one actress was present on the set. In a frame divided in half, she plays a double role of the twin sisters. Outside the window, we added greenery, and on the ‘polluted’ side — germs in the ultraviolet, made with a matte painting technique. We also added balloons moving along a specific path of movement.


Good vs bad

We worked on several bacteria models — thanks to that, it’s easier to distinguish the bad ones from the good ones, probiotics. We prepared the shot on passes: each plan was set and rendered separately and then put together with others in the post-production. This way, we had more control over the whole video.


15 plant species

In this production, the plants were the symbol of clean air. In each scene they appeared, they did so not only in dozens of variations but with a very different tempo of growth too. The greenery was simulated individually for each shot — in the flat, on the elevation, from above.

Minor adjustments, significant effect

After the adjustments and fixes, the final effect is pleasing to the eye and, most importantly, clearly explains the product. It wouldn’t be possible if not for our meticulous work.


Concept | Creative production: Lio Spiegler
Director: Łukasz Tunikowski
Studio: ChromaPRO
Producer: Agnieszka Chromicka
Edit: Paweł Białowąs
Postproduction Studio: Juice, OMI Media House
Postproduction Producer: Jurand Szela
Supervisor: Mirek Kaczyński
Grading Artist: Szymon Jaskuła
VFX Artists: Krzysztof Grudziński, Arkadiusz Korman, Konrad Jędruszek