Carpenters talk about…

It was supposed to be a video about drawers but turned out to be a moving reportage.
We present a 35-minute video for Blum Polska made for the annual “Blum on Route” promotional roadshow for carpenters and architects working with Blum products. This year hundreds of carpenters in cinemas across Poland were surprised by the new form of the show – a video about them!

Deciding for a quite original form of reportage we were not quite sure what the video’s spirit will be. However, one thing was sure – it will reflect the features of its characters. We have invited 5 exceptionally colourful personalities for participation. These experts not only mastered Blum products but also have a vast knowledge about the industry, market trends and changing customer expectations.

We went on tour visiting carpentry shops in various cities. Working closely with our carpenters, we have learned about the ups and downs in their businesses and discovered their personal stories usually hidden from cameras.

Two months of production, almost 2000 miles, 30 hours of material, and 7 days spent with our heroes at their homes.
This is how the 35-minute unprecedented reportage about carpenters was made. It shows not only the craftsmen at work but also their inspirations and private life.
This is a much different approach to a promo video, where we encounter the products from the point of view of their users.

ClientBlum AgencyOMI Media HouseYear2018ServicesCreation, production, postproduction