Do you still believe in love?

“Total failure” – our colleague commented after another unsuccessful Tinder date. Then, two things happened at the same time: a wave of sarcastic comments became an introduction to an absorbing discussion. The curious times of internet love have come.

More and more often, dating apps and portals become the environment of choice when looking for your other half. Why does that happen? Finding a match thanks to an algorhythm seems easier in our busy everyday lives. But don’t the app makers want us dating within their advertising space as long as possible? Another thing to discuss is the quality of the relations we create. “We live in a time denying anything stable and long-term” as Zygmunt Bauman once wrote. Maybe that is why relationships become short-term and committment fades once boredom or effort come into play. Love has never before been as liberal as it is today.

Our general reflection found fertile ground and thus another non-commercial production appeared. This time, Fifi Feil experiences the taste of love in the 21st century. Present in the boxing ring are: an innocent girl’s feeling vs. the jog window of an app.

The rig and the animation was created based on a CAT system, but the unusual gait cycle was animated manually.
It was especially fascinating to try and animate the being in love. We focused on conveying the lightness in the movements as the cartoon body model hopped around.
Additionally, we simulated the hair using the 3DS Max Hair&Fur feature, and the final look was obtained with the use of VRay Hair Material. We sew and simulated the clothes in Marvelus Designer. The whole thing was rendered at night on our working stations – the time needed to render each frame was approximately 1.5h.

ClientOMI Media HouseAgencyOMI Media HouseYear2018ServicesCreation, direction, production, postproduction