Producing advertisement films? It makes greater sense!

A promotional film, or to be more precise – a product film, in which we present the devices working with Apple HomeKit. Similarly to the entire series, we tried to make a reference to Apple’s communication, without having to resign from an individual nature of the Polish brand. The atypical, somewhat extravagantly painted hand models proved to be a great tool to achieve it. The black and white stripes the models were covered in, made them more expressive and chic. With the use of those, we created a recognizable animation, which works great with the aesthetics of the American potentate. We were additionally motivated by the nature of the product. When advertising devices which may save lives, we always feel that what we do, makes greater sense.

ClientFIBAR GroupAgencyOMI Media HouseYear2017ServicesCreation, direction, video production, video postproduction