Here we go! offers its clients organised holidays from the most prominent travel agencies. It needed more brand recognition as a holiday booking platform. The aim was to show the target audience the ease of using the so that the platform would become their first choice for planning a holiday. The Here we go! ad was planned to air in 15- and 30-seconds formats as well as a sponsorship billboard.

ClientTravelplanet.plAgencyOMI Media HouseYear2020Servicescreation, production, post-production

Our approach

To design an original communication for a travel agency, we needed a big dose of creativity.
We decided on grotesque. It helped us set the product apart from the competition and show the easy interface.
The ad sneaks in an inner, lazy need that’s present in all of us — to take care of everything in the easiest and fastest way possible. With a wave of a wand, a crazy family ready for holidays lands in a resort. It’s all thanks to Mom, who books their holidays while riding a tram. In a bathing suit!
Puccini’s aria is the key element — we wanted it to become a distinctive motif that many viewers will hum quietly under their noses.

01 Storyboard travelplanet

Excuse me, which tram will take me on holidays?

At the very beginning of our work on the tv spot, we created a basic animatic. A montage of draft scenes allowed us to be more efficient and check the continuity of action.

The casting was a vital part of the whole process. Our family needed to be characteristic and charismatic. Mom plays the leading role here — she’s the organiser of the entire endeavour.
Dad had to manage the comedic scene of jumping from the desk straight on… a pool chair.

The stars of the second plan were the twins, Sasha and Mikita. They surprised us with their professionalism and an abundance of energy they put in their work. Their dedication exceeded our expectations, and working with them was simply a pleasure.



Tenerife in Wrocław and a pool chair in a tram

The shooting took place in five locations: a tram depot, school office, pool, and studio CeTa in Wrocław where we shot the scenes on the green screen. It demanded flawless time management from us and adjusting each space to our needs. Who’d thought that you could drink coffee between the scenes in a tram from the 70s?

We also had to take care of a few unusual aspects – protecting the actress during her jump on the pool chair and the twins during their dive, to name a pair.

The return flight

The production had to look as if it was shot in a Spanish sun, so it needed a lot of work during post-production. The artificial light at the shooting had to imitate the natural one fully. Shooting on a green-screen meant careful planning of the placement of all elements so that they’d be easy to fit in a 3D space.

A whole range of techniques was used to prepare a three-dimensional studio and composition with a pre-recorded material: rotoscoping, keying, matte painting, tracking, HDRI lighting, GI, caustics, and all kinds of image filters in post-production.

The test of our abilities was the scene in which the actress moves to the tropics. We realised it with the help of a super slow-motion image recording, and we chose an unusual camera movement that followed the actress.


Assembly versions:

Sponsorship billboard


Unpacking the suitcases

To sum up our work, we created a grotesque story standing out from other booking platforms and associated with the ease of the organised holidays booking. And, of course, with Puccini. Now we’re ready for the holidays too!

The tv spot aires in spring 2020 in three versions: 15- and 30-seconds, and as a sponsorship billboard.