Heaps of happiness!

Who would have thought that as adults we would play with…poop. Or that we would build serious marketing project around it. Everything started with an idea by a couple of ecological gardening enthusiasts to use the properties of the extrements of exotic species of animals and sell them as fertilizer. This is how a business plan came to be, and right after that, the need to commence image-building activities. This is where we came to play – dressed all in yellow. Based on insights, we decided that such an original product would need reliability and a sense of humour. We communicated reliability on three different levels: substantial, regarding the biochemical properties of the fertilizer, emotional, focusing on the authentic experience and the lifestyle of young gardeners and business-related, expressed by means of the carefully designed visual identification. We used humor to present the product on the website. We were not only after a smile on the user’s face, we also wanted an instrument which would engage him. We managed to reach our goal – the creations were fresh, coherent and cheerful. The scope of our works including: designing the logo, the packaging, providing commercial information, preparing the young gardeners’ manifesto and the design of the www. With appropriate care for the quality of the materials, we also organized a product photo shoot.

ClientKupa radościAgencyOMI Media HouseYear2019ServicesBranding, www design