Operators in a guise of painters

You can think that our workplaces are limited to the office and film sets. For Spotkania na Szlaku, however, we landed in the hills close to Srebrna Góra, a realm inspired by The Witcher.

ClientSpotkanie na szlakuAgencyOMI Media HouseYear2020Servicesproduction and postproduction

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Into deep water

LARP, or Live Action Role-Playing, is a theatrical game-story happening in real-time, where each participant influences the narrative by acting as their chosen character. During the last edition, we were tasked with recording the course of one of such events. The promotional video-teaser was created to help the organisers of Spotkania na Szlaku to promote their activities more widely, including their entry into foreign markets. As such, the material was made in two language versions, along with alternative narration including a citation from Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher.

The garb and the equipment

The spot production consisted of recording the events in the game. For three days, our film crew accompanied the players and recorded the most exciting plot twists. The organisers had been paying great attention to details from a fantasy world. That’s why, our operators, too, were clothed in medieval garbs to avoid throwing the players off their game.

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10 hours of the pact

We recorded over 10 hours of material, including a sword fight, pacts, murders, possession, and night procession with torches. Astonishingly spectacular, this costume production shows a very dynamic range of emotions. This is precisely what distinguishes the LARPs organised by Spotkania na Szlaku from others.

An intriguing teaser

The final effect of our work is a dynamic and dark account of events. We created a teaser that doesn’t show the continuity of events and the plot in a straightforward way but exposes the atmosphere of a game well prepared. We suggest you start designing a new costume and prepare for the next edition!

Pictures thanks to Bartek Janiczek / Rekografia