In the retro game style

In the tv partner spot for, we created a space of a retro game arcade. Swift action, colourful scenery and short transmission time helped the most significant Polish online shop in the tyre industry satisfy the need for speed on TVN Turbo channel.

From 2019, a partner spot is a new commercial format in TVN group. It allows advertisers to emit their ads in an exclusive commercial block, marrying the brand of the client with the TVN channel’s graphic design. 15 seconds of rapid action became a challenging format for us — its goal was to showcase the essential qualities of the website.

ClientOponeo.plAgencyOMI Media HouseYear2019ServicesCreation, production, postproduction

The pinball theme takes us to the climate of game classics, something that requires a vibrant colour scheme and original illustrations. In our flipper, motorization and tyre themes dominate: the classic ball is replaced with a racing tyre referring to the previous instalment of the commercial for Oponeo — The mechanic says: buy it easier. Sentiment for the analogue? Not necessarily, because an efficient mechanism is the best metaphor for quick shipping at

To achieve spectacular light reflexes, two-layered shaders were used in the model. Thanks to them, the Beetle’s fantastical glitter paint effect — something that the viewers of the programme will enjoy — was attained, as well as over 100 sources of light in the scenes.

Sound connaisseurs will appreciate multilayered soundtrack — from the background music, through pinball sounds, to narration. Composed to recall emotions from game arcades, here associated with the satisfaction of successful shopping. The soundtrack does not obscure the voice-over and is as intense as the visuals.