PCG: one brand — two faces of investments

Does a visual identification for several investments of the same client must mean a formulaic designing process? For the Wrocław boutique developer, we designed promotional materials for business and retail clients. A final effect is a homogeneous tool in the hands of our client, which engages the recipient, showcases the advantages of the investments, and, simply, pleases the eye.

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Krzycka Business Park is one of many investments of the Wrocław developer. It’s an existing modern office complex build for PCG’s own use and which purpose is to find a new owner.

Victoria, on the other hand, is a planned investment in a real estate market, in Poznań. Premium standard and a location on the bay’s right bank makes this housing complex an exclusive place on the regional scale.

Which one for business, which for family?

Two realisations mean two separate approaches, target audiences, and very different communication tactics. To effectively reach the recipients, we defined the target audiences. The benefits of the product and the style of communication were fitted to them.

Victoria meant turning to an individual client. These are mainly Polish families but also Scandinavian and German ones, looking for premium quality, peaceful surroundings, and connection to the city. We highlighted marina, nature, smart solutions, and under-the-key option.

We designed promotional materials for investors and business clients for Krzycka Business Park. We emphasised aspects attractive on the business property market: localisation, arrangement modularity, functional technical solutions.

The realisation and the character of the materials

For Victoria complex, we designed the name and visual identity alluding to the proud frigate and marine atmosphere. The colour palette was based on noble ultramarine and elegant gold. A minimalistic project, space, and delicate ornaments position the investment on the premium level refined to the smallest detail, according to the brand’s philosophy.

In Krzycka Business Park, we emphasised the company’s values, such as physical activity. We used the brand’s colours and dynamic shapes to give the brochure a defined character. We used photos of the interiors — night and aerial ones from a photoshoot organised for this occasion. A matte paper of Munken brand gave the brochure an elegant and eco-conscious vibe.

Materials compatible with the brand’s philosophy

Even though communication for business and retail clients have different rules, the coherence of the brand’s image stays the same. While designing materials for PCG, we thought about the brand’s philosophy and the quality that it offers to its clients in the boutique investments. We answered to PCG’s needs without making any compromises.