The Future is BRIGHT

In Marbella, the luxury South of Spain, exclusive villas designed for the most demanding client are being constructed.

As a creative agency, we were responsible for the comprehensive branding — from naming, logo and colour palette to website, ephemera and promotional materials for the press.

During our work on the project, the temperature in our Nadodrze office was a bit higher, and the sun was somehow shining more often.

ClientBrightAgencyOMI Media HouseYear2019ServicesBranding, printing, website design

Brilliant ideas for better living.This is Bright.

The logo is based on a circle with an uneven rim. It symbolises a Sun eclipse, which happens only in a specific place and time. Just like exclusive Bright investments — the potential clients are ready for them to become their places on Earth. And with the same, new way of designing, Bright sets future standards.

3 x B

A simplified B, which appears together with the shortened logotype, resembles number 3. This, in turn, represents three values of the brand: big idea, brilliant concepts, better living.

Modest gold and regal navy blue

With the colour palette, the issue was clear. We chose gold — quite evident when we think about luxury products. To not make it too obtrusive, we paired it with deep navy blue, associated with Mediterranean coast and maritime atmosphere. 

In the case of typography, we decided on elegant, sans-serif Haboro Contrast, additionally supplemented with Proxima.

Not all paper is the same

The challenge before us was a combination of the brand’s exclusivity with the functionality of visual materials. That is why the most critical aspect for us was the quality of materials used for minimalist ephemera.

We took care of every little detail. Our pride and joy is the business card with unique haptic properties. The card is printed on a laminated, coloured in mass paper, with rims covered with golden foil. Additionally, a gold embossed logo. You want to look at such objects. And look. And look.

Apart from that, we furnished the brand with essential visual materials: roll-ups, billboards and ads in the press. Everything in accordance to the main objective — it must be exclusive but not conspicuous.