Let’s put your product in the spotlight

Your product is the main character here. We portray it just like you need – in a functional way with just a sprinkle of crazy. A product film may present the ability or usage. It may be a tutorial or a modern instruction manual. No matter what you choose, we will take care of every little detail. We are aware that a single word, exact shot, or a suitable voice-over can translate into ratings.
A perfect addition to product films are 3D animations that can show how a given product works or present its unique characteristics. As a result, films starring the product fulfil their role and grab the viewer’s attention to the very end.
The carbon monoxide detector ad that we produced for Fibaro seduces with its simplicity and a calm, pleasant atmosphere. All for the sake of a powerful punchline that assures the viewer of the gravity of the subject and lets the Fibaro solution resound fully. The Beyond.pl product film – or a digital journey into a modern data centre – was dedicated to a group of visiting scientists and potential clients. It brings closer the details of technical infrastructure but also an illusion of a journey across an enormous fibre-optic bus.
Product films have lives of their own. They are employed by distributors in diverse countries, online shops, and by private retailers. They elicit emotions and comments that people share on online portals and forums. They do great on blogs and thematic sites. In short, it becomes a part of the global and neverending internet discourse. That is why a perfect realization is so important. A well-made film will advertise your product in places you wouldn’t even think of. 

Exemplary work

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