We translate creative concepts into a visual language

Besides complex realizations, where we create the script as well as the film, we also produce promotional films on the basis of scripts provided by the clients’ marketing teams, or agencies. That means both standard promotional films as well as 3D animations. In the first case, we begin with a pre-production stage: finding the location, choosing the cast, and planning many more crucial processes that will affect the end result. When everything is buttoned up, it’s time for the film set; we like this stage in particular! We record with experienced teams that have collaborated with us many times. A smooth transition to the post-production  stage comes next. Depending on the needs, we add 2D or 3D animations, special effects, and sound. The end result are emission files polished in every detail and ready to seduce the viewers. All stages are supervised by us, hence the guarantee of cohesion and perfect realization.

Exemplary work

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