Your home, your imagination – OMI’s campaign for FIBARO has launched

“Your home, your imagination”

Three different stories, three filming locations and three promotional videos with supporting materials. This is the newest advertising campaign for FIBARO, where our weapon of choice are three family-related TV commercials, the aim of which is to increase sales. Our task was to develop a mutual creative format for the launch of the brand in ATL media and to comprehensively produce promotional videos for its purpose. Olga Misiura undertook to direct the videos, in cooperation with our cinematographers – Bartek Osses and Mirek Kaczyński. We also invited true lighting, sound and scenography artists as well as hand-picked actors to work with us. We unveil the behind the scenes of our cooperation in the article “This is how you shoot a TV commercial”. In addition to the videos, we also prepared part of the materials for the digital and printed materials. The campaign launched on November 6th. The commercials will be broadcast in themed TV stations of the ITI Group and Polsat. At the same time, we will start with the activity on the Internet and in the points of sale. The whole thing is being coordinated by the FIBARO Marketing Department. We offer an insight into the assumptions behind the creative strategy in the “Work” section on our website.