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The golden mean — tone of voice.

A product for a child but the parent is the one making the decision. How to address this issue in communication?

When developing an offer for adult consumers, we first must get to know their needs, consumer behaviour and lifestyle. Only then, can we adequately design communication addressed to this group and choose distribution channels. It is a little different in the case of products for children in preschool or early primary school.

Children at this age have already got their preferences and, sometimes, it is not easy to attract their attention for more extended periods. In cases like this, we need to think and design in a twin-track way. On one hand, we need to mind the user of our product — a child. On the other hand, the person who will buy it — the parent. We need, then, to make the toy attractive to a child. At the same time, we must convince its parent that the toy is suitable in terms of functionality and price.

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We had an opportunity to face such a challenge. An educational toy producer SmartBee Club came to us to request the creation of communication strategy, visual identification and promotional materials for a new product on the Polish market. Besides the standard challenge of designing with children and parents in mind, we were tasked with changing the negative associations of studying after school.

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For this reason, we designed animated brand heroes who make science more approachable. Thanks to Fizzy and Beezy, there is no place or time for boredom and trite science. We adjusted their language to suit both children and adults. Energic Fizzy embodies the child’s curiosity, while thoughtful Beezy — the parent’s wisdom. The SmartBee Club experiments are developed by scientists involved with the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN). It is one of the reasons why we based the communication of the brand on the idea of spending meaningful time with your child. Additionally, the subscription model is a convenience for the parents and a monthly surprise for the children.

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The visual side requires a well-thought-out concept as well. Children usually pay attention to colourful packages. We could not make it too boisterous because it could suggest a lower quality of the product. We knew that dynamic colour scheme and a child’s doodles would attract the attention of young scientists. On top of that, the colours were selected not to favour girls or boys — one of the principles of SmartBee Club are equal chances for developing a passion for science.