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The solutions of the future that bring the product into existence.

The market shows that products connected to Augmented Reality are chosen by the clients more and more. The backstage of 3D in advertisement production — from architecture to education.

It is said that Augmented Reality (AR) will soon become a part of our everyday life. Why brands devise more and more creative ways to advertise their products? The answer is simple: because it is fun!

AR enables interactive experiences and is what the clients need in the marketing sphere. It creates a more realistic presentation of the product as well. And that is why it better fulfils the expectations of customers.

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The hurdle is pretty high because the clients expect gradually more realistic projections.
Real estate sector takes advantage of it by offering its clients a look at their apartments that are still under construction, or by furniture designers. But it is nothing compared to scanning a human being.

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L’Oreal offers a new form of testing their beauty products. Their cosmetic application lets the client see how a given product will look on their face by analysing skin colour in real-time. AR translates into results: the app has 3 mln users on the Android alone and is an excellent promotion of the product.

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The implementation of Augmented Reality produces spectacular results not only in the marketing department. Educational BeeBox brand SmartBee Club provides an AR application as completion of scientific experiments.

SmartBee – aplikacja | OMI Media House

One thing is sure: augmented reality enters into the marketing world, increasing the appeal of brands. It is the next revolutionary change in marketing that has long blurred the boundaries of advertising and entertainment.