To infect with knowledge from the early years.

Children nowadays spend too much time in front of computer screens being unproductive. How to direct their attention and willingness towards entertainment that can be productive? How to transform science into the fun: we are changing new technologies as a time thief into an educational platform.

The products attract the attention of younger and younger children. It is no surprise, after all, liking a brand in early years results in a loyal group of clients when they grow up.
When a child is drawn to a laptop, many parents tend to think that it has fallen prey to marketing. In that case, how to change the perception of a product using new technologies?

Wizerunek marki - OMI Media House

How did technology evolve in marketing communication from a time thief to an educational ‘time for two’? We can observe that in SmartBee Club.
The brand does not stand between a child and technology. It gives the parent control over the content offered to the child in the virtual world. Scientific plays and games present magnetism, a molecule interior, or the creation of a rainbow attractively and safely. For children, it is entertainment, and their parents no longer have to choose between rationing out the time for a tablet or for studying.
It sounds like a win-win situation, but it is not enough for a parent to make the decision.

Komunikacja wizerunkowa - OMI Media House

In the strategy, the advantages relevant to parents were highlighted: experiments developed by PAN (Polish Academy of Sciences) and purposeful, guided development of the child on many levels. We made technology familiar by encouraging to experiment together. We placed the parents in the role of a guide to assure them of the positive side of the technology and to teach their child how to use it to gain knowledge.

Like of any new thing, you can be scared of the virtual reality, as well. However, the way of communicating can help tame it and encode it into the perception of a product as a preferred tool for learning. Preferred because it is new, engaging, and interacting with its user.