An ad you’ll be eager to watch!

What the specialized media say about the video for

“I can’t stop watching this ad” – This is the opening sentence of an article the industry-specific portal devoted to our video for   The server specialists praise above all the photos, the music and the reader – apparently the best they’ve ever heard in an industry-specific production.  Such opinions do put us in a good mood.  It is thanks to them that we know we are able to offer a video of the highest, world class quality, that our work philosophy actually works and the tedious re-takes in the recording studio do make sense after all!
Producing an advert video in a such an unusual location as a data center was a huge challenge in itself. From the concept phase, when we had to find a visual idea to go well with the vast and raw interiors, to post-production, where the challenge was to perfectly integrate the voice of the reader into the image, while still keeping the information value of the text. The film shots were not your typical takes either.  Rigorous security procedures plus the awareness of how incredible the place where we were working was, created a special atmosphere on set. We are happy that our experience, imagination and hard work allowed us to create a video that the demanding IT world appreciates.

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