This is how you shoot a TV commercial. The behind the scenes of shooting the FIBARO

It was immediately after reading the brief that we knew we had a serious challenge ahead of us. The combination of sales elements with the image and education-related ones in a short, engaging TV spot can be compared to the marketing version of combining fire and water. After long conversations we had with the client’s marketing department, we established that the key would be to use expressive emotions and memorable experiences. They then became the communicative core of the campaign and the starting point for our work. We were facing the challenge of creatively developing and comprehensively producing three TV spots.


Fresh, but relatively safe ideas took the lead. Out of a couple of creative concepts, our partners at FIBARO chose the motif of a birth of a child, a guy’s night in and a grandfather waiting to meet his grandson.

Advertising agencies normally commission the initial selection of actors to a casting agency – we on the other hand were there for the entire casting process. We knew that choosing the right characters was one of the key factors of the campaign’s success. That is why we looked for friendly, but unusual faces – friendly but distinct, ones that would add an individual feel to each of the spots.

Not only the skills or characteristics of the actors’ matter on set. The „chemistry” between them is equally crucial. For example: we found the perfect grandfather for the spot with the grandson, however it turned out that he was not working well with the kid – he was acting alone. We knew we had to look for someone else, equally ideal.  We did succeed in the end. Following Fellini’s golden rule: „I cast a cat to play a cat”, we asked Andrzej Mikosza – who is himself a grandfather to a very lively boy and an actor working for the Alojzy Smolka theatre in Opole –  if he would play the part. Those were the criteria we assumed when choosing a young mother and a sociable dad to be cast for the two remaining spots.

The casting for the actors to take part in the „guy’s night in” was very special. After initially choosing the actors, we went on to group work. We asked the five candidates to give a short, improvised performance together. The participants in the experiment took their natural riles and a group hierarchy was born right before our eyes. The most expressive personalities revealed themselves as well. This is how we ended up with the medley of personalities we were looking for – a mousey person, a tough guy, and the dad – the natural leader. In order not to lose the natural feel, we even modeled the costumes on the outfits that the candidates had on when they came to the casting.

In the meantime, we chose three different locations. The function of each of them was different for each of the advertising messages. A suburban house (Welcome home) was to correspond with the lifestyle of a pair of young people living in their first home of their own. But the grandfather’s house (Tea time) was supposed to signal flexibility of the system being advertised – we advertised a super-modern product, which works well even in pre-war tenement houses. The third location (Guy’s night in) was supposed to be a nod towards the people following the new trends in aesthetics, as design is one of the key elements of the product. That is why we chose the architect’s own house for the shoot.

Working on the sets was also special. When shooting some of the scenes we actually used the FIBARO system to turn on and off the lights visible in the spots.


A lot of novelty was brought to the TV commercials by the reader – Miłogost Reczek. As a well-known actor and an outstanding voice actor at that, he proposed his own interpretation of the texts prepared for him. It was prominent enough that we decided to tweak the text a little, to fit perfectly with the new dramatic interpretation. All three of the projects provided us with an array of new experiences, although they required hard work – sometimes a dozen or so hours a day. We are happy with the outcome. Now, we are waiting for the measureable results.

See the TV spots on our website in the „Works” section.